We can still visit your home for appointments – see our Covid-19 updates here
We can still visit your home for appointments – see our Covid-19 updates here

Window Shutters For Every Room

  • Beautiful faux or real wood interior shutters
  • Available in variety of styles and finishes
  • Control the light and privacy by adjusting the louvres
  • Can have front tilt rods or hidden rods for cleaner finish
  • Different size louvres and colours available
  • Plantation, full height, café, tier on tier, tracked, solid, and shaped styles can be produced
  • Luxaflex, faux wood shutters are manufactured in England and sold with a 10 year guarantee
  • Made-to-measure shutters are measured and fitted by our fully trained fitters

Whether you’re looking to gain additional privacy or add some creativity to your indoor space, Absolute Blinds can help you find the right window shutters. At our Welwyn Garden City showroom, we carry a variety of window shutters to match the look & feel of your home. Our team is proud to help commercial and domestic properties across the Welwyn Garden City, St. Albans, Hertford areas. 

Plantation shutters are a classic wood option that can complement nearly any design style. Our plantation shutters can be fit-to-measure any type of classic bay window, square window, or conservatory window. They are also easily manipulated to modify the natural lighting in your space. Full height shutters are constructed to cover your entire window or opening, offering optimal privacy when you want it and offer a timeless appearance that will last for years. These full height shutters are perfect for places such as bathrooms and bedrooms due to their classic design and insulation capabilities. On the opposite is the café style shutter, which provides privacy from the street but allows in a plethora of beautiful natural light through the top. Looking for the best of both worlds? With tier-on-tier shutters, you can have the ultimate control of privacy and natural light. This style of shutters has two sections that work independently of each other, making them extremely versatile. Are you searching for an interior solid or shaped shutter? We have you covered and can fit a shutter to any window or door! Need a shutter with a bit more stability and the option to open or close off a specific room? We offer tracked shutters for doors and large-scale windows! Regardless of your needs and budget, our professionals can help you find the perfect style of shutter. 

To learn more information about our available selection of window shutters or to book an appointment with our showroom, please feel free to contact our team. Today, we take pride in offering the highest quality shutters to best suit the interior design needs of our domestic or commercial clients. Our services extend to clients throughout Welwyn Garden City, St. Albans, Hertford, and the surrounding areas. For added inspiration or to get a better sense of our capabilities, we welcome you to browse our project gallery.


Look at the wonderful options below to see how we can help you to transform your windows.

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