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How to Pet-Proof Your Curtains

If you've been thinking that pet-proofing your curtains is a daunting task, it's time to re-evaluate. In 2023, pet-friendly window treatment options have surged in popularity, with shutters and blinds taking the center stage as the most coveted home decor trends.

Picture this: You finally make it home after a long day, fumble with your keys and push open the door. Then you spot your gorgeous new curtains—the ones that fit just right and tie the room together beautifully—looking like they’ve just been through a round of the Kitty Olympics. Claw marks, pulled threads and a guilty-looking pet nearby make it clear who the culprit is.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this all-too-familiar scene yourself, or you want to avoid it at all costs. Whatever the case, you can pet-proof your curtains with the right tips, tricks and a bit of patience.

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Pet-Friendly Curtain Materials and Styles

Having pets doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things, including curtains. The key is to choose materials and styles designed to withstand the curiosity of your four-legged friend.

Blackout or insulating curtains are thicker than other styles, making them an unappealing challenge for pets. They’re also perfect for keeping your room cosy, shaded and insulated for reduced energy costs.

Microfiber curtains are some of the most heavy-duty window coverings available. They’re resilient, easy to clean and don’t attract lint. Beyond their practical attributes, they also bring a sense of richness and luxury to your décor, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on style for durability.

Polyester curtains, much like microfiber, are thick and soft but not too heavy. Their synthetic fibres stand up well to wear and tear without sacrificing aesthetics. As an added bonus, this material is machine washable, making any fur or pet-related accidents a breeze to clean up.

Velvet curtains might seem a surprising choice, but their tight weave makes them resilient to cat claws. Besides, velvety textures typically don’t appeal to cats. So, with these hanging in your window, your pet is more likely to seek out the scratching post than attempt to climb them. Plus, velvet’s luxurious look and easy-to-clean nature make it practical for busy pet owners.

Bamboo curtains are a lesser-known option that might appeal to you. Their natural, earthy look adds a unique touch to your décor, and the material is incredibly resilient against claws. Just be aware that bamboo curtains are heavier than others, so you’ll need a sturdy curtain rod to hold them.

Textured materials and multicoloured prints aren’t just trendy and eye-catching; they’re also great at hiding minor pet-inflicted damage. A curtain with a complex pattern or rough texture distracts the eye from small claw marks or accumulated fur.

Affordable curtains are your best bet when introducing a new pet to your home. These won’t break the bank if they need replacing, giving you peace of mind as you train your pet.

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Types of Curtains to Avoid with Pets

Whilst some curtain materials and styles coexist harmoniously with pets, others spell disaster.

Silk curtains, for instance, are beautiful, elegant and, unfortunately, irresistible to many pets. Their delicate nature makes them a poor match for enthusiastic claws, and replacing them can be an expensive affair.

Linen curtains, though undeniably charming, typically feature a loose weave—practically an open invitation to a cat’s claws. Delicate linen threads can’t hold up to much rough-and-tumble, making them a poor choice for homes with pets.

Low-hanging curtains prove too tempting for playful pets. They flutter enticingly with every breeze and can easily be reached by pouncing puppies and kittens.

Curtains with dangling cords or tassels are another risky choice. To a pet, these decorations come across as an invitation to play. Avoid the temptation and opt for simple, sleek curtains instead.

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How to Stop Your Cat from Climbing the Curtains

Of course, the battle isn’t just about choosing the right curtains. Sometimes, the most effective defence against a curtain-climbing cat is to employ a bit of strategy.

Keep the view out the window partially unblocked to deter cats from attempting to open the curtains themselves. Your feline friend loves a good nosy out the window, and a clear line of sight might be all they need to resist the urge to climb.

Spray your curtains with diluted essential oils like citrus, peppermint or eucalyptus. Most pets can’t stand these scents, yet they smell pleasant to humans. Just remember to test the solution in a small, unseen area first to ensure it doesn’t stain.

Place a scratching post near the window to provide an alternative outlet for your cat’s scratching and climbing urges. This diverts their attention from the curtains whilst keeping them happy and engaged in their favourite perch.

Provide chew toys for your dog, a fantastic distraction that keeps their jaws busy and their minds occupied, keeping them far from your curtains.

Avoid leaving your pet alone for too long. Extended periods of isolation lead to stress and anxiety in many pets, often manifesting in destructive behaviours like clawing at curtains or furniture. Regular interaction, play and exercise help keep your pet happy and your curtains unscathed.

If all else fails, consider ditching curtains altogether in favour of shutters or cordless blinds. Plantation shutters make a timeless addition to any room, whilst wooden or faux-wood Venetian blinds offer excellent light control. Just avoid aluminium mini blinds, which aren’t as durable. Roman blinds and roller blinds are other fashionable options that keep your pets at bay. For tall windows and patio doors, consider vertical blinds with swivelling slats for adjustable light control.

Find the Perfect Window Treatments in Welwyn Garden City

Living in harmony with your pets doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your home’s aesthetics or constantly replacing ruined curtains. At Absolute Blinds, a small, family-run business in Welwyn Garden City, we understand this. After 25 years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about merging style, durability and practicality in our window treatment options.

If you need help selecting pet-friendly curtains, want to explore alternatives like blinds and shutters or are looking for professional fitting services, we’re here to help. Call us on 01707 244855 or stop by our showroom for a chat. We can’t wait to help you find a window setup that’s perfect for everyone in your home, whether on two legs or four.