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How to care for blinds

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How to Care for Your Blinds

The blinds hanging in your windows are critical to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Though high-quality blinds are designed to last, they still need occasional care and cleaning to look their best.

Here’s how to care for different types of blinds, from everyday spot cleaning to more in-depth cleaning tips.

Venetian blinds

How to Care for Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds, identifiable by their horizontal slats, are a classic window covering found in many UK homes. They are most commonly made of wood, faux wood or aluminium. Though the directional slats make it easy to control light and privacy, they provide surfaces for dust to settle, requiring frequent care to maintain a clean appearance.

Start with light dusting once a week to keep your Venetian blinds looking fresh. Close the blinds and carefully wipe each slat using a microfibre cloth or feather duster. Flip the direction of the blinds and repeat the process to ensure a thorough clean. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to speed up the process. Just be gentle to avoid damaging the blinds.

If your Venetian blinds have sticky or grimy marks, apply a mild detergent to a damp cloth and softly buff the spot until it comes clean. Remember, each slat must be dried thoroughly afterwards to prevent water spots or streaks.

For a deep clean, remove the blinds from the headrail and lay them on a towel or blanket. Next, fill a medium-sized bowl with warm, soapy water. Dip a sponge or soft cloth in the water and scrub each slat thoroughly. Rinse with clean, cold water. (Keep in mind that this technique isn’t recommended for wood Venetian blinds because excessive water could cause warping or cracking.)

Roller blinds

How to Care for Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are known for their sleek, straightforward design and ease of use. They are typically made of fabric, which necessitates a specific cleaning approach.

Aim to clean your roller blinds once or twice a month to keep them looking like new. For day-to-day cleaning, remove dust and maintain the cleanliness of your blinds using a lint roller. Spot clean small stains with a cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Alternatively, you can use baby wipes followed by a cloth dipped in cold, clean water. Ensure the blinds dry properly before rolling them back up.

To clean plastic roller blind cords, dip a cloth in warm soapy water and run it up and down the cord. However, don’t clean metal chains this way, or they could rust. Instead, rub them down with light furniture polish applied to a microfibre cloth.

Next, clean the roller mechanism with a silicone spray to remove dirt and alleviate stiffness or squeaking. Protect the blinds during this step to prevent the spray from potentially staining or bleaching the fabric.

Roman blinds

How to Care for Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are preferred for their soft, luxurious folds. They add visual appeal to any room, whether raised or lowered, ensuring your windows are always fashionable. Still, Roman blinds need careful cleaning due to their delicate material and construction.

For general upkeep, use a soft brush attachment and low setting on your vacuum cleaner to carefully remove dust and dirt. Because of the intricate construction on the reverse side of Roman blinds, you should only vacuum the front.

To remove small stains, gently dab the fabric with a cloth soaked in mild soapy water. Be sure to test a hidden area first to ensure the material doesn’t discolour or shrink. Baby wipes are also suitable for stubborn stains.

Be aware that some materials, including silk and faux silk, should not be cleaned with water. Many Roman blinds are best suited for dry cleaning, depending on the fabric, but check the care tag first. When in doubt, hiring a professional cleaning service is your best bet to avoid damaging your window coverings.

Wooden blinds

How to Care for Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds add natural elegance to any room but require special care due to their slatted construction and water-averse material. To prevent unwanted mishaps, avoid harsh chemical cleaners and excessive water use, which can warp and discolour the wood.

The most effective way to maintain wooden blinds is to dust the slats with a clean, dry cloth. The vacuum brush attachment is a viable alternative.

When deep cleaning is required, use a cleaner specifically designed for wood blinds. Apply a small amount to a soft cloth and gently wipe each slat. Follow this with a clean, dry cloth to help the blinds dry quickly without applying heat.

If you struggle to scrub the blinds adequately, you can take them down and lay them on an old towel or sheet. This way, you can apply the wood cleaner thoroughly to both sides of each slat. Let the window covering air dry before hanging it back up.

Made-to-Measure Blinds in Welwyn Garden City

Maintaining your blinds may seem a bit overwhelming, but these tips and tricks make it more manageable. Remember, different window coverings have distinct care requirements, so always consider the material and the type of blinds you’re dealing with before cleaning.

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