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About Louvolite

Louvolite is a global leader in supplying unrivalled window blind products and a collection of stunning fabrics that seamlessly combine style and practicality. It’s a brand that’s not afraid to innovate and push the industry while handling all manufacturing in the UK. Absolute Blinds is proud to offer Welwyn Garden City premium Louvolite blinds. Louvolite’s newest collection focuses on celebrating the colour spectrum with high-quality blinds. Each of their products is manufactured using recycled materials to ensure they’re eco-friendly. Visit our showroom to view our Louvolite blinds and fabrics collection and talk to our knowledgeable staff.

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Louvolite Swatches

ABC Characters
Acacia Caraway
Acacia Limestone
Acacia Papyrus
Argent Champagne
Argent Copper
Argent Mercury
Ashford Blue
Ashford Hessian
Aspect 1 Percent Licorice

Find the right style for your home

Regardless of what type of windows you have, Louvolite blinds make an impact. Our team is committed to providing made-to-measure blinds of all styles, colours, and designs. Louvolite’s high-quality blinds can seamlessly adapt to all styles, such as traditional, modern, or postmodern. Each style is available in 100 different designs. Whether you’re interested in updating the blinds in your home or want to add some privacy to your business, here is a look at the high-quality Louvolite blinds we carry:

  • Roller BlindsWhether adding subtle touches or making a statement, streamlined roller blinds can elevate and transform any room. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners looking to express their style.
  • Vertical BlindsPremium fabrics paired with our made-to-measure blinds easily turn a traditional blind into something elegant and sophisticated.
  • Allusion BlindsAllusion blinds are suitable for all window types and boast a unique combination of flowing fabric and components that allow light and privacy.
  • Vision BlindsCombining two layers of fabric creates a popular shade that looks striking inside and outside your home.
  • Electric BlindsOur innovative range of motorised blinds allows you to control ass aspects of your blinds from a remote. Electric blinds are a luxurious and affordable addition to any space.
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