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Eclipse Premium Blinds

Eclipse, a proud member of the Hunter Douglas group, is the largest window blinds company globally. With over 30 years of experience, Eclipse leads the industry with premium designs, development, manufacturing, and distribution systems. Eclipse services the British market and is proud to report its products are entirely manufactured and finished in the UK. Absolute Blinds offers premium Eclipse blinds to our Welwyn Garden City customers. Our seasoned professionals can help you find the right design and style, whether Venetian or roller blinds, to best fit your space. Eclipse is known for its dedication to creating quality, long-lasting products without sacrificing the customer experience. If you’re ready to discover the beauty of Eclipse blinds or need more information, visit our showroom today.

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Eclipse Swatches

Adrina Black RE81322
Adrina Charcoal RE81321
Alaria Crimson RE81273
Alaria Magenta RE81272
Alaria Mustard RE81271
Alaria Violet RE81274
Algarve Autumn RE81143
Algarve Spring RE81141
Algarve Summer RE81142
Algiers Asc Azure RE78791

Blinds Manufactured in the UK

Eclipse proudly boasts that over 60% of its fabric manufacturing is handled within the UK. This allows the company to further reduce its carbon footprint by ensuring the result is more environmentally friendly while ensuring greater control over the quality. Before fabric is approved for use, it must undergo extensive tests to ensure it meets specific company standards to be suitable for use. Eclipse’s commitment to manufacturing and producing fabrics exclusively in the UK helps demonstrate their determination to support their local communities for years to come.

A Brand Known for Innovation

Within the Eclipse company is a special department tasked with developing and designing their new collections. This dedication to innovation and desire to constantly push the boundaries of our industry helped them become a leading seller. They are most known for selecting roller, vertical, and Venetian blind fabrics. Each collection is encompassed in a stunning pattern book that shows off the designs, colours, and information regarding the materials’ performance. Eclipse blinds feature innovative features such as blackout, reflective coatings, flame retardant, moisture resistance, and glare reduction.

Discover Their Blind Production Process

One aspect that makes Eclipse stand out is its unrivalled ability to finish and weave fabric within the UK. Beyond their ability to handle everything in the UK, they can supply fabric and components to ensure blinds arrive as finished products. This ensures our customers receive the highest quality materials for a superior product. Due to the unique properties offered by their products, the fabric contract blinds created by Eclipse can safely be used in commercial settings. The manufacturing process ensures they can be used where strict safety standards must be adhered. Further, their manufacturing process and features ensure high performance in any space, including homes with fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels.

A Promise to Sustainability

Manufactured textiles and fabrics is responsible for approximately 20% of the world’s water consumption and 10% of carbon emissions. Eclipse is committed to doing their part to reduce their impact. They have transitioned to adding a selection of recycled fabrics using PET yarn. PET is a plastic resin and is derived from recycled plastic bottles. The raw plastic undergoes a stringent process before being spun into new yarns perfect for fabric. Eclipse has a new style of vertical and roller blinds eco fabrics made from 100% recycled materials.

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Eclipse is a trendy brand known for quality designs, made-to-measure rollers, and Venetian blinds. Further, they’re one of the largest blind manufacturers, ensuring they’re the premier choice for your home or business. For over 30 years, Eclipse has been an industry leader in design, manufacturing, and distribution. The Absolute Blinds team offers a wide range of made-to-measure solutions perfect for any space. We can work with you to match your current aesthetic. When you schedule a free consultation with us, we offer quick turnaround times and expert advice on how to find the right solutions for your interior. Visit our showroom to see our premium fabric collection and blind solutions in person. Get in touch to schedule your consultation today.

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