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About Louvolite

Louvolite is a global leader in supplying unrivalled window blind products and a collection of stunning fabrics that seamlessly combine style and practicality. It’s a brand that’s not afraid to innovate and push the industry while handling all manufacturing in the UK. Absolute Blinds is proud to offer Welwyn Garden City premium Louvolite blinds. Louvolite’s newest collection focuses on celebrating the colour spectrum with high-quality blinds. Each of their products is manufactured using recycled materials to ensure they’re eco-friendly. Visit our showroom to view our Louvolite blinds and fabrics collection and talk to our knowledgeable staff.

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Louvolite Swatches

Horizon Chalk
Horizon Graphite
Horizon Linen
Horizon Parchment
Horizon Pewter
Vista Calico
Vista Cinder
Vista Nordic
Vista Raven
Vista Snow

Louvolite's History

Louvolite had a humble beginning in 1969, making vertical blinds in a small space above a butcher’s shop. From then on, the business became dedicated to delivering premium products using high-quality materials and industry-leading techniques. Through a growing desire to meet the demands of their fabric and blinds, Louvolite developed a range of in-house resources, such as the weaving and coating of fabrics. As sales grew, focuses shifted from designing and manufacturing components to creating their move into injection moulding. Innovation and ideas are at the heart of everything Louvolite brings to their UK-based design studio and manufacturing plants. Today, the business remains in sync with current trends, ensuring the company is always at the forefront of creating new systems and designs to wow customers for years.

Explore How Their High-Quality Blinds are Manufactured

Over the years, Louvolite has invested in its top-notch art manufacturing depots in Britain. This decision has allowed the company to quickly develop and launch new products while keeping costs low for customers. The engineering division utilises state-of-the-art CAD equipment and rapid prototyping facilities to fine-tune designs for premium performance. To ensure each product manufactured is unrivalled, Louvolite uses high-quality professional-grade thermoplastic materials to create each component. Each material undergoes thorough testing before being selected for use in various products. All parts are manufactured in-house. This attention to quality extends to the yarns and textiles selected. Louvolite holds each product to the highest industry standards to ensure quality and performance.

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